2 Fearless Little Terriers Chase Trespassing Bear Out Of Their House

A brown bear who wandered into a Pasadena, California home looking for a snack got more than it bargained for when two little terriers named Squirt and Mei Mei chased it out.

Homeowner Deedee Mueller told ABC 7 in Los Angeles that she was napping in the next room when the bear wandered in like it owned the joint. 

The dogs’ barking woke her up and literally scared the piss out of the bear as it high-tailed out of there: 

“Thank god we have these 2 fierce dogs protecting us,” Mueller wrote on Facebook with a laughing emoji. In response to a comment about the size of her dogs, she added: “They don’t know they’re small.” 

Bears seem to enjoy the Mueller home. She has a playlist with more than 30 videos of the animals passing through the yard, including at least one other clip with Squirt and Mei Mei taking protective action:



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