12 Movies That'll Satisfy Your True-Crime Fix Without the Scares

12 Movies That’ll Satisfy Your True-Crime Fix Without the Scares

When dramatized with an all-star cast, the true-crime genre often falls down the creepy psychological-thriller rabbit hole and borders on horror. If you’re not in the mood for a scary movie full of gruesome murders, you can still find a decent selection of true-crime features. For example, less-terrifying picks include Lorene Scafaria’s glittery Hustlers and Tom McCarthy’s understated Spotlight. You’ll also discover a good helping of comedy heist films in the nonscary true-crime genre, from Catch Me If You Can to American Hustle. While you might encounter moderate swearing and violence in these movies, you won’t be afraid to turn off the lights after finishing them. Looking to get that fix of scandalous reality without the nightmares? Keep reading — we’ve rounded up nonscary true-crime movies that you can stream right now!

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