You Can Watch Hundreds of Movies on YouTube for Free – See All the Films!

Feeling bored while self-isolating at home? Did you know there are actually hundreds of movies that you can watch entirely for free on YouTube right now? It’s true!

The video platform has dozens and dozens of films to watch free with ads, making it a perfect resource for your quarantine entertainment needs.

In the mood for a silly comedy? Watch a young Ryan Reynolds and Tara Reid star in 2002′s National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, Ben Affleck in 2006′s Man About Town, or check out Miley Cyrus and Jeremy Piven in 2012′s So Undercover.

Or, if you’re looking for some thrills and scares, try the classic 1988 Child’s Play, or Parasite director Bong Joon-ho‘s The Host from 2006.

There are also some options for documentaries, including The Diana Story: Part I, The Young Princess and Elvis: The Final Hours.

To see all the movies you can watch for free on YouTube, click here and start watching.

Wondering what else to do while at home? See what the stars are doing!

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