What Piers Morgan Did Before He Was Famous

Piers Morgan has been in the news … more than usual. There was his tirade against Meghan Markle and ousting from “Good Morning Britain.” Oh, and his subsequent tirade against Prince Harry. Truth be told, Morgan has been a divisive figure for decades. And he has carefully cultivated his personal brand. But before the small screen, he was stirring the pot on paper.  

Morgan was born in 1965. He showed early promise as a journalist when he was a teenager, writing an article for a local newspaper about the town’s cricket team, per Britannica. He studied journalism at Harlow College in England and was soon working as an editor for The Sun. According to Celebrity Net Worth, by 1994, he was writing for the newspaper’s gossip-style “Bizarre” column full-time, rubbing elbows (or perhaps, forcing his elbow in) with celebrities like David Bowie and Madonna. Yup, long before Morgan would become a trolling talk show host, he was a print man. But there’s certainly more to the story, as one can expect with the controversial figure. 

Keep reading to find out how Morgan’s career path continued to wind before he struck TV fame. 

Piers Morgan was a tabloid journalist without morals

Piers Morgan rose rapidly through the ranks of England’s tabloid circuit. In 1994, the figure, then 29, was appointed editor of the tabloid News of the World by Rupert Murdoch personally. “He was … the youngest editor of a national newspaper in 50 years,” per Celebrity Net Worth. “He became known for his lack of sympathy for the privacy of celebrities and his prying, forthright style.” Morgan was fired from the tabloid in 1995 for violating the paper’s code of ethics when he published a photo of Catherine Victoria Lockwood (wife of Charles, Earl of Spencer), leaving a rehabilitation clinic, per the outlet. 

Morgan was then named the editor of The Daily Mirror, but he ran in the same unethical style. In 2004, he was fired yet again after he published “torture” photos of British soldiers and Iraq prisoners that were revealed to be a hoax, per The Guardian.

Yet, in 2006, Morgan landed a job as a judge on “America’s Got Talent,” boosting his fame on both sides of the pond. That job led to “Britain’s Got Talent,” “Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, replacing Larry King on his CNN talk show, and eventually, to “Good Morning Britain,” per IMDB. For many people, the string of firings Morgan has had would have perhaps been a career-ender. However, don’t underestimate the man who cut his teeth in tabloid journalism. Whether you like him or not, Morgan seems to always rise again.

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