What Is Dolly Parton's Favorite Color? Surprisingly, Not Pink

Dolly Parton is the undisputed queen of country music, a woman who has been a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment world since the 1960s.

A true original, Parton has always marched to the beat of her own drum, never allowing her critics to dictate what she chooses to wear or listen to. There are a lot of urban legends that have sprung up in recent years surrounding Parton and her life story. While the musician doesn’t always bother to dissuade speculation, a 2014 interview with Parton managed to undo at least one of the myths about one of her favorite things. 

Fans often associate Dolly Parton with the color pink

Dolly Parton made her musical debut in 1967 with the solo album Hello, I’m Dolly. By that time, she had been singing professionally for many years, after showing an affinity for music when she was just a small child. Parton’s charm and powerful singing voice took her far, and by the ’80s, she was one of the biggest pop culture icons in the world. Her talent wasn’t just limited to country music, as Parton has worked with singers in all genres, and one of her most enduring hits is actually a pop song — “9 to 5.”

Parton’s style has always been one of her unique signatures. The diminutive singer developed a reputation early on for loving everything that glitters, including lots of rhinestone jewelry and sparkling clothing. Parton has also admitted to having an affinity for plastic surgery and has had multiple procedures over the years to help maintain her seemingly ageless appearance. Partially due to her love for all things girly, and partially due to the overwhelming success of her 1989 album White Limozeen, many fans have grown to assume over the years that Parton’s favorite color is pink. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as Parton revealed in a 2014 interview.

What is Dolly Parton’s actual favorite color?

In a 2014 chat with Interview Magazine, Dolly Parton was asked to name her favorite color. Without hesitation, Parton stated “I have two—white and yellow. White makes me feel light and airy. Yellow makes me happy.”

Even though her favorite color is admittedly not pink, that hasn’t stopped Parton from leaning into her legacy as the purveyor of all things fun, feminine, and sparkly. In fact, she recently opened a rooftop bar in her home state of Tennessee, where fans can go to enjoy a few of her favorite things. 

Dolly Parton recently opened a pink-themed rooftop bar

In the summer of 2020, Dolly Parton opened a brand-new rooftop bar at the Graduate Hotel in Nashville. The bar, dubbed White Limozeen, was described in a report from Travel and Leisure Magazine as “a big, pink, over-the-top homage to the iconic country singer,” with something for everyone to enjoy — from beer in a can to the finest caviar. The bar, of course, was named after Parton’s 1989 album, White Limozeen, and features lots of country-yet-classy touches, from rhinestone-bedecked chairs to a chicken-wire bust of Parton herself. From classic cocktails to French-inspired food, the White Limozeen has it all. 

Fans of Parton who want to emulate a day in her fabulous life can pay a visit to the Nashville bar, which is currently open for business. Reservations are strongly recommended, but for those who are lucky enough to snag a table, they might just catch a glimpse of Parton herself. Stay tuned to Showbiz Cheat Sheet for all the latest entertainment news!

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