Watch Jennifer Aniston Surprise a Nurse Who Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Across the world, people are expressing their gratitude to healthcare workers on the frontlines of the fight against the coronavirus, cheering from their balconies and porches and posting on social media—and Jennifer Aniston is no different.

The Friends star appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on April 2 (remotely, of course) to surprise a cardiovascular nurse from Utah, Kimball Fairbanks, who tested positive for COVID-19 and is currently in quarantine, away from her young daughters and unable to work. Fairbanks was chatting with Kimmel about how she's feeling (her symptoms are on the mild side) and what work was like before she started feeling ill. He then told her he had a surprise for her. "We wanted to cheer you up a little bit. So I'd like you to meet somebody. Her name is Jennifer," Kimmel said.

Enter Aniston, who brought a big smile to Fairbanks's face. "Jen, I don't know if you can see how much more excited Kimball was to see you than she was to see me," the talk show host said. "It's remarkable."

"Hi, honey, it's so good to meet you," Aniston said. "I just have to say, God bless you and all of you that are out there doing what you're doing. I just, I don't even know how to express my gratitude to everything that you guys are doing, putting your health at risk and all of that. You're just phenomenal." They also surprised Fairbanks, who has been ordering in food while in isolation, with a $10,000 gift certificate for Postmates. Kimmel added that the delivery service would also be sending gift cards to all the nurses on her floor.

Jennifer Aniston says she's been home for three weeks. "The most challenging thing is watching news and trying to digest all that's going on out there," she said. "I allow a check-in in the morning, and then I'll do a check-in in the evening, and that is it, because basically it's regurgitating the exact same thing." But like so many of us, she's been doing a lot of cleaning, organizing, puzzles, and buying random stuff on Amazon. "Doing dishes is now my new favorite, favorite thing in the world, because not only are you doing your dishes but you're washing your hands," she said. "[And] organizing. I was a crazy person the first week and then I realized I had to pull back because I was going to run out of closets. [We've got] 30 more days. I've got to pace myself."

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