Trisha Yearwood hasn’t recovered her sense of smell or taste after getting covid

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Kelly Clarkson has several of her staff members test positive for coronavirus in November. You would think that incident would teach her to have more distance between herself and her in-person guests, but that’s not happening. Trisha Yearwood was recently on Kelly’s show on stage. She told Kelly that she contracted coronavirus about eight weeks ago and that she still hasn’t recovered her sense of smell or taste. From the segment I saw, it didn’t sound like Tricia had received the vaccine. (You have to wait 14 days after diagnosis to get it). However she’s since gotten her first dose. On Kelly’s show Tricia aid that her husband, Garth Brooks, got the shot, and that before that he refused to isolate from her! Garth didn’t catch covid from her though. Kelly, who still constantly interrupts her guests after well over a year of her show, said she knows several couples where one person got coronavirus and the other didn’t catch it. Here’s some of what they said, and you can see that segment below:

“I lost my taste and smell so food is kind of different right now,” Yearwood, 56, said with a laugh, explaining that she first noticed the symptoms “about five days in” when husband Garth Brooks made her coffee one morning.

At the time she recalled saying to her husband, “I love you, but did you put coffee in here?”

“It was just like that,” she said, adding that “it’s been about eight weeks” since then.

“Now it’s all about texture. I can tell if something’s spicy, that’s about it,” she said. “I love to cook so now when I cook I just ask Garth, tell me if it needs more salt and pepper. It’s the weirdest thing.”

Fortunately, even though Brooks took the best care of her throughout her illness, he never got sick himself.

“He was really wonderful. He was really great,” Yearwood said of the country star on The Kelly Clarkson Show, adding that not only did he “never” get COVID-19, but he didn’t have any side effects after getting the vaccine.

“He didn’t even have a sore arm,” she said. “He’s amazing.”

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I noticed after my first and second Pfizer shot that my appetite went way down, but that could have just been a side effect of the vaccine. Losing your sense of smell and taste is one of umpteen reasons why people should be getting vaccinated! There are so many more serious long term effects of covid of course, but that’s up there for me. Trisha is a cook and I hope she gets her taste and smell back soon. Some people with long haul coronavirus symptoms find that the vaccine helps them feel much better, so maybe once she gets fully vaccinated she’ll recover some of her senses, if they don’t come back gradually.

Also I’ve been looking at the food on her Instagram and now I want to try some of her recipes!

Here’s that segment:

A post shared by Trisha Yearwood (@trishayearwood)

A post shared by Trisha Yearwood (@trishayearwood)

A post shared by Trisha Yearwood (@trishayearwood)

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