TOWIEs Georgia Kousoulou shares details from last minute surprise wedding to Tommy Mallet

After tying the knot with Tommy Mallet in a surprise secret wedding, Georgia Kousoulou has revealed more details of their special day – and confirmed that another wedding is in store.

The couple, who are parents to two-year-old son Brody, shared an Instagram post on Sunday to reveal that they were husband and wife, explaining that they were keen to marry before the end of the year.

And now, Georgia has taken to her Stories to share more details, saying: "Guys I'm married! Sorry for the shock. Honestly I didn't tell a lot of people and that wasn't on purpose, I didn't tell a lot of people, there was just a lot going on.

"Basically, Spain wedding has always been happening, but for us to get married in Spain we were always going to have to do a legal ceremony in England, which by law you have to.

"I was going to do it just before and that was the plan but after a really s**t year I thought you know what I am taking control of my life and I wanted to end 2023 on a positive note.

"I just wanted to be in love and happy so I booked it and it was quite last minute. You will see it all very soon, but I can't tell you much, so another update will be coming soon. It was everything I wanted and more. If you are thinking about doing a registry office wedding, just do it.

"I think when I didn't put much thought into it, like with my hair and makeup, it all just went unbelievably perfect."

Georgia and Tommy, who met in 2014, were set to marry at an earlier date but postponed their wedding after Georgia suffered a miscarriage.

Georgia previously opened up on the loss, telling her Instagram followers: "Our 12-week scan to be told our baby had not survived & I needed an op… 12 weeks of feeling every emotion, hoping & praying but in the end, nothing else we could of done.

"We don’t really have the words to say right now except we are lucky to have amazing family & friends around us .. & most importantly we are blessed to have our beautiful Brody who we couldn’t of got through this without him.

"We will have the words soon but right now we are taking time for us as a family."

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