Tomi Lahren in Hot Water for Saying Breonna Taylor Should Not Resist Arrest

‘It is NOT an officer’s duty to gamble with his/her life so you can happily and comfortably resist arrest,’ so the conservative political commentator says on her Twitter account.

AceShowbizTomi Lahren is back at it again. The conservative political commentator landed in hot water after she gave her two cents on the latest update of Breonna Taylor’s case as she placed the blame on the late lady instead of the police that shot her to death.

On Wednesday, September 23, a Kentucky grand jury indicted one of the three police officers involved in the incident on charges of wanton endangerment for shooting a gun into a neighboring apartment. Former Louisville police officer Brett Hankinson is facing three felony charges, while the other two officers were not charged.

People were not happy with the jury’s decision to charge only one officer, with a protest being held just hours after the decision was made public. However, Tomi defended the police and placed the blame on Breonna because she thought the latter was resisting arrest. It was in contrast to the reports, which stated that Breonna was sleeping when the cops shot her.

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Tomi said on her Twitter account, “It is NOT an officer’s duty to gamble with his/her life so you can happily and comfortably resist arrest,” before adding in a separate tweet, “What happened to Breonna Taylor is a horrible tragedy but for the Left to assert the officers came in to attack her in a blind and racist rage is a LIE and to burn down and ravage yet another community over it is not justice and not acceptable.”

Her comment immediately sparked backlash, as many took issues with Tomi saying Breonna resisted arrest. “Didn’t know sleeping in bed was resisting arrest? Omfg, did you actually tweet that dumb s**t?! Gawwd you’re a C U Next Tuesday,” one said. “It IS, however, an officer’s duty to not murder innocent people while they are sleeping,” another responded. One more person noted, “Another idiotic take from White Supremacy Barbie. SHE WAS F**KING SLEEPING YOU BRAINDEAD MORON!”

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