This Viral Flood Video Is The Most Confusing, Mystifying Clip Twitter’s Ever Seen — Watch!

If anyone needs a visual representation of how 2020 is going so far, this is it.

Twitter is perplexed by a surreal viral video that, honestly, looks like a deleted scene from a David Lynch film that David Lynch took out because it was too weird. It’s unclear what exactly is going on, but the clip starts off with a group of people in chaos as a mystery flood pours out of the second story of a California motel. 

The guest are seemingly driven mad (thanks to weeks of quarantine, we presume) as one man tries to get down from the second story of the building by, we kid you not, jumping over the balcony railing onto the parked car below him, causing him to slip down the soaking wet vehicle and fall on the ground — and leave a HUGE dent on the hood of the car.

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As the now soaking wet man hides near some bushes (???) and facility workers with face masks try to investigate the source of the flooding, a woman and young girl scream at the top of their lungs, providing an all-too accurate depiction of the world’s current mental state.

The confusing clip quickly went viral after it was shared by Late Night with Seth Meyers writer, Mike Scollins. Ch-ch-check out the madness (below):

Some Twitter users simply gave their commentary on the chaotic scene, writing: 

“I can guarantee that maid doesn’t get paid enough to deal with this.”

“when he hid behind the bush hahaha”

“That Nancy Kerrigan scream though.”

“I am fascinated by the psychology behind that man thinking it was necessary or appropriate to do that.”

“Mr Bean written and directed by Lars Von Trier”

Others, meanwhile, were begging for more context, tweeting:

“What is going on I have so many questions”

“I will not be able to sleep until I know the backstory here.”

“But… why the screaming?!”

“I want to know everyone was so intent on stopping him from jumping”

Thankfully, other Twitter sleuths were quick to give their theories, musing:

“Fire alarm, looks like fire brigade water-hosing an apparent through an outside window, explaining the water, this guy panics… and the rest is history”

“Maybe it’s not water but some kind of acid or alcohol or something”

“ husband was a scientist who got trapped inside a teleportation machine with her car and he slowly turned into the car. That’s why she’s over the top hysterical about it.”

At this point, we’d believe anything!

What do U think is going on in this video, Perezious readers?!

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