'The Simpsons' Applauded By Prevent Child Abuse America for Stopping Strangling

“The Simpsons” decision to stop Homer from strangling his son, Bart, may have divided some show fans … but there’s at least one child abuse prevention org that’s thrilled.

Dr. Melissa Merrick, CEO and President of Prevent Child Abuse America, tells TMZ the animated comedy’s decision to reset its internal practices after 35 years on-air will demonstrate responsible depictions of positive childrearing for millions of viewers.

Merrick says her organization has been working for decades to make substantial changes in how we talk about, create policy around and engage big influencers to help make an impact on this issue … and PCAA has learned that it takes all kinds of partners – researchers, media, other nonprofits and individuals – to stop abuse BEFORE it starts

Applauding the show’s creators for acknowledging their influence in changing the narrative around abuse, Merrick adds they set a powerful example for others in entertainment … and hopes others in Hollywood will take steps to create awareness on the serious issue.

“It makes me like the Simpsons even more,” she adds.

As we reported, in the 3rd episode of Season 35, titled “McMansion & Wife,” HS declared he would not be choking his cartoon son anymore while meeting his new neighbor.

During the show’s run, Homer has choked Bart on and off, with one episode seeing him go to therapy and learn about the harm he was causing by attacking his son.

Disney’s decision to retire the controversial long-running gag drew some “gone woke” pushback … but it’s probably a decision for the best.

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