The real reason Susan Boyle still lives in her mom’s house

Susan Boyle shot to fame when she performed “I Dreamed a Dream” from Les Miserables on Britain’s Got Talent in 2009. However, despite becoming one of the UK’s most recognizable faces, she remains grounded, still living in home she grew up in. “I still live in the same house I grew up in, in Blackburn, West Lothian,” she told The Guardian.

Given Boyle’s success, it’s hard to believe she hasn’t splashed out on a home of her own. However, the singer, who lost her mom in 2007, says it’s something she’s not willing to let go of just yet. “Some people seem surprised that I choose to stay in my family home. Why shouldn’t I? I feel Mum is still here and there are so many good memories,” she said. Speaking to The Sunday Post, she added, “I’ve spent most of my life in this house and I won’t move now, because I feel it’s part of my new history.” 

Susan Boyle bought herself a house but never moved in

Susan Boyle’s mom played a huge role in her life and the singer attributes all her success to her, so it only makes sense that she wants to live in her childhood home to continue to feel connected. She even believes her mom’s death is what led her to go on Britain’s Got Talent in the first place. “I had just lost my mum and I had nothing to look forward to, so I have no doubt it was a blessing,” Boyle told The Sunday Post. “I think that was my mum’s way of telling me to keep going, that I had something to offer. I’m sure there was divine intervention involved,” she added.

And, as it turns out, Boyle did actually buy a house for herself but never moved in. “I bought the posh house, but my niece lives in that now — I share it among the family!,” she revealed.

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