The Real Reason Brooke Baldwin Quit Her CNN Anchor Job

Journalist Brooke Baldwin shocked the masses when she announced on Feb. 16, 2021, that she is leaving her longtime position at CNN in April. 

As reported by Deadline, Baldwin has worked at CNN since 2008 as a freelance reporter. In her resignation statement, she acknowledged that though she initially only scored a temporary position with the news channel, she had greater hopes of eventually transitioning into a full-time correspondent position. And that she did! “I wanted to be part of the best of the best in cable news and journalism, and, as a native Atlantan, this would be my hometown dream. Little did I know, I would not only go on to fulfill that dream, I would flourish in this environment and land my own two-hour show in the afternoon at the age of 31,” she recalled.

During her time with CNN, Baldwin won a prestigious Peabody award and went on to create and host her very own digital series, aptly titled American Woman, a series that is “devoted to stories of women who are breaking conventions” including the likes of singer and songwriter Sheryl Crow and actress and comedian Betty White, per Variety.

But why would Baldwin voluntarily choose to leave what she referred to her as “dream” job? Keep reading to find out!

Brooke Baldwin says there is more that she 'needs to do'

Award winning anchor Brooke Baldwin confessed during her on-air resignation statement that she is choosing to leave her tenured position with CNN simply because “there is just more I need to do — more I need to do outside of this place, outside the walls of this place, a place I’ve been privileged to call home now for 13 years.” 

Per Deadline, Baldwin explained that although she currently has no new job waiting in the wings for her, she does have plans to publish her very own book, Huddle: How Women Unlock Their Collective Power in April 2021. But even with a book on the horizon, Baldwin admitted that she is experiencing feelings of vulnerability. “And, yep, we are still in a pandemic, and nope, I don’t have a job I’m jumping right into, and yes — yes, I’m feeling very vulnerable. But what is it Brene Brown says? ‘Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity, and change,’ and I am so excited about what is to come,” she declared.

Congratulations and good luck to Brooke Baldwin!

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