Tamra Judge: Here’s How I’m Raising Money for COVID-19 Relief!

It is no longer a secret that Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson are filming some mystery project.

For the first time, Tamra is letting details slip about it.

She In this same interview, which you can watch below, Tamra goes into how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting her family.

Even more importantly, Tamra reveals how she and Eddie are using their platform and their businesses to help those in need.

Tamra is raising money for direct coronavirus relief, just trying to do her part during this crisis.

Take a look at her interview below and you'll see how you can help, too.

1.Tamra is doing her part

2.She's discussing it all in an interview

3.Speaking of adorable

4.So what has this been like for her?

5.What will she do next?

6.Is it weird not appearing on camera?

7.Although …

8.But first

9.Is Tamra still friends with Kelly?

10."I wish her all of the love in the world"

11.So, about that project with Vicki …

12.She also spills some deets

13.Specifically …

14.Now, onto the relief

15.She's not doing it alone!

16.So, how is she helping?

17.What does VENA CBD have to do with relief?

18.For how long?

19.Not like their other business

20.Remember …

21.Tamra has always been entertaining

22.Fans HOPE to see her again

23.For now, she's sitting out this season

24.We hope so!

25.Here is the interview!

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