Spain’s King Felipe & Queen Letizia are teleconferencing from home responsibly

While I’m a fan of the Swedish royals, I think Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel look like a–holes as they continue to do public events and refuse to social-distance. On the other side, the Spanish royals seem to be taking the coronvirus pandemic seriously, perhaps because Spain has already been hit very hard, and it’s still being hit. Spain has already had 5000 virus deaths and the country has 54,000 reported cases. Spain screwed up in the early days of the pandemic, with soccer games still happening in early and mid-March and people not taking self-isolation seriously. Spain is still working to flatten its curve and they’re basically in the same kind of lockdown as Italy.

So, Queen Letizia and King Felipe are here to show other royals how it’s done in the age of corona. Letizia and Felipe released photos of their work yesterday, where they teleconferenced/Skyped with health care workers and emergency services from an office in their royal residence, Zarzuela Palace, in Madrid. There were also a few photos of Felipe meeting with a few people in person, none of them wearing masks, in the same office. He kept apart from those people by about four or five feet. Which is still too close, but I wonder if those people were his office staff anyway (meaning, he’s working with a skeleton staff already, and they’ve already been exposed to each other).

Anyway, I have no idea why other royals across Europe aren’t doing this – switching their events to Skype calls or teleconferences or whatever, and then just releasing photos of those meetings. That’s the responsible way to do “royal work” at this time.

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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