Sheryl Crow Blasts Use Of AI in Music Business, Talks New Beatles Song

Sheryl Crow is NOT a fan of the new The Beatles’ AI-restored song — and she ain’t digging all the use of AI in showbiz, generally, either … saying there’s no soul in computer music.

The country singer was chopping it up with Jimmy Fallon Thursday on ‘The Tonight Show’ when she made her feelings on artificial intelligence clear — long story short, she isn’t feeling it … and actually finds the use of the tech in songwriting/recording quite daunting.

Check it out … Sheryl says AI has gotten so good at recreating an artist’s voice and style that it’s disturbing — and she apparently channeled these feelings in a new track, ‘Evolution.’

During this rant on AI she gives … SC references the new Beatles ditty — ‘Now and Then,’ which just dropped yesterday — but she doesn’t really elaborate … other than to point out it was created with the help of AI.

Old School Beatles Photos

One thing she doesn’t seem to acknowledge, though, is that AI was only used to enhance John Lennon‘s vocals … as opposed to completely making new/fake ones from scratch.

Anyway, another example backing her fears … a young songwriter paying $5 to put John Mayer‘s vocals on her new track to pitch to male singers in Nashville. Sheryl said she couldn’t tell the difference at all when it was played to her!

As we all know, AI has been the subject of much debate over the past several months — especially as it pertains to music. The Beatles are the latest group to get involved … but some other artists have been roped into the convo against their will … aka, Drake.

It seems like some artists are more open to AI than others … and Sheryl’s part of the latter.

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