Paul Hogan, 83, held together by string and body falling apart

Paul Hogan stars in Crocodile Dundee

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The Australian actor, best known for his role as adventurer Mike Dundee in the film series, has battled a number of debilitating health problems, including a benign growth on his kidneys. Paul Hogan, 83, has also revealed he is too weak to even open a jar.

He was diagnosed with retroperitoneal fibrosis, which sees the growth wrapped around the abdominal aorta and pressed onto his kidney.

Discussing the condition during an interview with A Current Affair host Tracy Grimshaw, the veteran actor explained he had “lost all of his body fat”.

The on-screen star said the devastating impact on his health left him pining to leave the $3.5 million Venice Beach home he shares with his son Chance, 24, and return to his home country of Australia.

“I’ve been better,” Paul explained. “I had a problem on the aorta in the kidney and the treatment fixed it, but it shrunk me.”

He continued: “I just… I’ve lost all my body fat and the muscles all shrank and the strength has come back, because it left me feeble. I get Chance to open jars for me.

He added: “Quite a few of my friends on diets hate me for it because I try and eat everything fatty and lardy you can think of. Everything they’re not allowed to have. I can’t put on an ounce.”

Paul said was prescribed corticosteroids to shrink the growth and now has attempted to regain his strength.

“They shrink your muscles and [they’re] supposed to make you fat, but I got thinner and thinner and thinner,” he commented.

“I’m now in the business of trying to put a bit of fat on… because you feel the cold too much when you’ve got no body fat.’

The Crocodile Dundee actor now has a pacemaker fitted and says he is “being held together by string” while attempting to work his way back to full health. 

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