Olivia Bowen issues huge health update as she opens up on mental battle

Olivia Bowen has issued a health update to her fans as she opens up on the mental struggles of motherhood.

The former Love Island series two star gave birth to her baby Abel Jacob, known as AJ, last year alongside her husband and fellow former islander Alex Bowen.

Olivia and Alex met on the second rebooted series of the hit ITV show Love Island in 2016 and have been in a flourishing romance ever since.

Seven years on from exiting the show and the pair have just celebrated their son's first birthday together.

Clearly, they have come a long way from their days in the villa but it has not all been smooth sailing for Olivia who has opened up over the last few months about the toll that motherhood has taken on her mental health.

Last month on her Instagram story, she wrote: "Being a mum is overwhelming emotionally in general but I’ve really been struggling recently with catastrophic thoughts. I see so many horrible, scary, devastating things happen to people or in the world & it just scares the s*** out of me, so much so I just feel sick constantly.

"Children are so bloody precious and innocent it just frightens me. Just sharing because I don’t want to feel alone and I know we all must worry. I want to protect him from everything."

However, in a post from earlier this week, Olivia updated fans with pictures of her with her loving family as she captioned the piece: "La familia lo es todo (family is everything.)"

In response to the heart warming post, many fans were quick to flock to the comments to show their love for the adorable three-person family.

One wrote: "He is perfect mix between you both. I can see both resemblances."

While another added: "He's literally a mini Alex but can definitely see Olivia in him too."

A third penned: "How grown up does Abel look, proper little boy now."

Last December, the parents opened up on their intentions to expand their family a little more.

Telling OK!, Olivia said: "I said to Alex yesterday: What we’re going to do is have my 30th, have a party and then have another baby in March or April.

"I was very vocal about the fact that I wasn’t sure about being a mum. But I’ve got a really big heart so I think it was always inevitable."

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