Noah Cyrus Opens Up About How Negativity Towards Her Appearance Has Affected Her

Noah Cyrus is opening up about critics of her appearance.

The 20-year-old singer dished that the negativity made her learn to hate herself.

“They were already so terrible to me on the internet about the way I looked and the way that I grew up. And that was just the way that my face that God gave me,” Noah told Apple Music. “I was so sad that people had such terrible things to say about something I had no control of changing. And it just made me feel like so many people… that I learned to hate myself.”

“So that’s the meaning of the EP by all means, that’s just songs like ‘Young and Sad’ where this EP really is just my thoughts,” she continued. “And really this EP to take away from it, as much negativity that there is, there’s a speck of positivity at the end of it. And that’s why it’s called ‘The End of Everything’. Because the end of everything brings somewhat of a sense of positivity to me.”

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