Mo Gilligan says seat belt saved his life after horror crash with a lorry

Mo Gilligan has opened up about the horrific car crash he was involved in, saying his seat belt saved his life after the car he was in was hit by a lorry. 

The comedian, 32, tweeted a photo of the back of the car which had been rear-ended by a lorry which also smashed the back window. 

Mo wrote: ‘Someone really watches over me today. Thank God nobody was badly hurt the seat belt really saved my life today pls pls wear your seats belt ppl’.

He added: ‘Seeing a lorry smash into the back of you as you sit in the back seat really isn’t a joke. 

‘If I didn’t have my seat belt on my head would have flew into the seat in from of me. Pls wear them seat belts my ppl thank god nobody was badly injured today.’

The comedian, who will be starring on The Masked Singer’s panel, later took to his Instagram story to add: ‘Some of you have seen my Tweet, I’m just quickly saying I am very, very OK. 

‘A bit shaken up obviously, you know what I mean, like a lorry went into the back of the car.’

He revealed he had been in the back of the taxi on the way to record a TV show when the incident happened.

‘Listen man, when you see that glass fly, yeah… it felt like it was happening in slow motion. 

‘I was very, very lucky. I had my seatbelt on so make sure you wear your seatbelt. If there is anything you do, make sure you wear your seatbelt.

‘If I didn’t have that seatbelt on me today I would have flew into that seat, bruv, would have been discombobulated. 

‘Thank god no-one was hurt as well. I’m going to go to the hospital now because I’ve got a few aches and pains.’

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