Meghan Markle Made Prince Harry Selfish and Cold, Claims Biographer

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are officially done being royals and have moved to L.A. where they must pay for their own security.

Now, a biographer who used to sing Harry’s praises is putting the couple on blast.

Royal biographer Angela Levin has dramatically changed her tune about Prince Harry.

In an essay penned for Tatler Magazine, she is lamenting the man whom she believes that he has become in recent months.

Levin describes Harry as having been formerly “quick-witted,” “intuitive,” and “charismatic.”

She believes that his marriage to Meghan has changed him for the worst.

According to Angela Levin’s perceptions, Harry has become “increasingly self-centered.”

She writes that she has seen this selfishness displayed in recent months.

Most notably, Levin says, Harry’s alleged new attitude was on display in and since January, when he and Meghan made their announcement.

Harry’s decision to “abandon” his royal duties came as a shock to many of those who had followed and liked him for years.

Levin openly opines that Harry and Meghan’s behavior as being less like that of mature parents and more like that of “defiant teenagers.”

Though she acknowledges that Harry got into some trouble in his youth, she says that this is surprising.

Levin believes that he has formed a whole new identity for himself.

This “new” Harry, she says, is “sour,” “callous,” and “stressed.”

Levin is of the opinion that Harry’s trauma over his mother’s death includes guilt that he could not somehow save her.

More to the point, she seems to suggest that Meghan has somehow preyed upon Harry’s fears of losing his loved ones.

Levin insists that Meghan new exactly what she was getting into when she married Harry, but that she then manipulated him into recent choices.

She accuses Meghan of being manipulated by a shallow desire for increased fame.

We hope that we do not have to explain that this is all deeply absurd.

For one thing, Prince Harry has spoken publicly about his dislike for the burden of royal birth for the past decade.

He’s not the first royal to feel this way — we don’t imagine that even Meghan’s harshest critics imagine that Meghan also “manipulated” his great aunt.

It makes sense that his issues with royal life only became magnified as he watched racists attack his wife and feared the same for his young son.

Meghan isn’t some sort of soap opera villain who wanted to marry a prince and then decided that she was too good for all of that.

Instead, she is a woman who fell in love with one of the most desired men on the planet.

She married him despite, and not because, of his royal burden.

But even years of recognition as an actress did not prepare her for the avalanche of racism that was thrown her way by the British media.

We’re sure that the way that these same vultures hounded his mother — right up to her death — played a part in Harry’s mind.

He is not going to let these people ruin the lives of his wife and son.

Harry could have continued to endure the burden of public life, but when it was no longer just him suffering, it became too much.

That is, quite frankly, the opposite of “selfish.”

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