Meghan Markle 'Likes Being Famous' – And Harry Doesn't! Will It Break Them Up?!

We don’t know if Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are ever actually going to split up. But it’s pretty clear they’re in a precarious position right now.

After their Spotify deal crashed, Netflix reportedly isn’t happy, it’s not looking great for their new careers in the US as… influencers? Media figures? Well, professional celebs, in any case. But according to sources over the weekend, Meg has a plan!

You may have heard she has a (poorly kept) secret Instagram account about to launch with the simple username @Meghan. She’s also been popping up in friends’ IG posts, looking casual and fun again. Not to mention she isn’t hiding from paparazzi at all lately. She went to the Taylor Swift concert, went to see Barbie with friends, and has just been getting out there. A lot.

Well, some insiders say this is all part of a plan. The Duchess of Sussex is bringing back Meghan Markle: the star!

After signing with Hollywood agency WME earlier this year, Meg is almost ready to unveil the secret project she’s been working on. Maybe it will be her version of Goop or Poosh? We’ll have to wait and see — but a source told Page Six:

“Meghan and the team are working hard. I think it will be surprising, it won’t be what everybody is expecting it to be, it will feel familiar to who Meghan is.”

Why will this work when her production company with Harry hasn’t so far? First off, Meghan feels ready to be a full-on celeb again — hence being chill and going out like it isn’t a big deal! (And of course, it seems to have stopped being a big deal pretty quick.) We’re guessing the newfound success of her old TV show Suits inspired some confidence. Why not lean in? Just be a damn star if that’s what you want??

The narrative that all she and Harry are doing is trying to both be famous AND tell people to leave them alone all the time has plagued her post-royal endeavors. She needs something different. That brings us to the second reason: this one is all about Meghan, not Harry.

Another insider talking to Page Six makes it clear Harry is NOT interested in being a star. It sounds like the entire notion of fame is a huge point of contention in the Sussex household, with the source saying:

“Harry has made it clear that he never wanted to be in the media…he would be very happy to go away. I think he’d like to go and live in Botswana — as long as he had money.”

Of course. Being a recluse living in the middle of nowhere sounds like a pretty decent gig — if you get to still be rich. But Meghan is a completely different story, of course:

“Meghan actually likes being famous.”

Wow. So different. Harry values privacy most of all because he’s never known it, having been famous from before he was born? Not to mention what pap attention did to his mom…

On the other hand, Meghan grew up wanting to be famous. Marrying into the royal fam was obviously a shortcut to international superstardom — but it seemed from the start she wasn’t into the other aspects of being a royal.

Is it possible appealing to Harry’s desire for privacy was the only way out? That she always planned for things to be this way — ditching The Firm, keeping the fame?

Is the reason these two seem like they’re being hypocritical because they’re two people with completely different, diametrically opposed ambitions? One wants privacy, one wants fame, so they just seem like they’re asking for both?? Hmm…

If that’s the case, we have to wonder if it will eventually tear the couple apart. We’ve heard rumors, of course, that they aren’t doing well, even living separately. But that seems to have just been empty talk.

No, it seems like the next step may just be for Harry to take a backseat and let Meghan do her thing! She’s been said to “make the decisions” these days. Is the new call to put his concerns aside and just focus on the business of being famous? Inneresting…

What do YOU think? Do we have this one right? And more importantly, will it work?? Will Meghan finally be able to be the star she wants to be, without everyone hating her? AND keep her marriage??

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