Matthew Lillard shares emotional video of family friend after last chemo treatment

Actor Matthew Lillard shared an emotional video of his family friend Coco getting a surprise welcome-home parade from their community after she finished her last round of chemotherapy.

In the video, a crowd of family and friends line the streets to cheer Coco on as she rides in the passenger seat of a car. The parade participants were sure to maintain separation from each other to continue social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“People may need some goodness right now,” Lillard, 50, tweeted Wednesday. “Coco finished her last chemo treatment yesterday. 9 months later and Ewing sarcoma can SUCK IT!”

Coco appears to tear up as she waves joyfully at all her supporters.

“Our community threw an impromptu welcome home party for our favorite warrior,” the “Scooby-Doo” actor wrote. “Leave a comment below…let her know how radical she is! #COCO.”

Lillard’s friends and fans commented on his sweet post, congratulating Coco on her strength.

“#coco welcome home! ♥️,” Monica Lewinsky tweeted.

“Congratulations Coco!! ❤️,” James Gunn added.

Coco’s mom, April Danz, also shared her excitement with a video of her last day at chemo on her twitter. 

“Who wants a feel good moment during this madness?? My sweet girl finished chemo today,” she wrote.

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