Maskless Uber Woman, Arna Kimiai, Sued Over 2019 Car Crash

Arna Kimiai — the woman who filmed herself driving 122 MPH last summer and who coughed on and attacked an Uber driver last week — has another vehicular mess on her plate … she’s being sued over a 2019 car crash.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ … a woman filed a civil suit against Arna last month, alleging Kimiai made an unsafe turn and struck her vehicle in L.A.

The woman’s accusing Arna of negligent driving and “failing to keep a proper lookout for other vehicles,” claiming she suffered severe injuries and is dealing with pain and suffering to this day as a result of the wreck.

She’s suing Arna for damages, medical expenses and loss of earnings.

As we’ve reported … Kimiai’s also facing possible criminal charges over the recent altercation with a Bay-area Uber driver, who recorded the incident showing Kimiai and her friend assaulting him.

Kimiai coughed on the guy and ripped his mask off, and she’s expected to turn herself in to police for the incident. She was also banned by Uber and Lyft.

And, then there’s this — Arna posted a video of herself last June behind the wheel of a McLaren sports car … in which it looks like she hits 122 MPH on the highway while recording it.

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