Martin Roberts: Homes Under The Hammer host ‘infuriated’ after show rules are broken

Martin Roberts, 56, engaged in his weekly Q&A with his followers on Twitter and revealed what he finds most “infuriating” about the people that feature on the show. And those who “break the rules” are top of his list.

People who break Hammer golden rules – buying property without seeing it or without reading the legal pack first!

Martin Roberts

The BBC presenter was once again inundated with questions from fans wanting to know more about the show, how it is filmed and his latest property advice regarding the current coronavirus outbreak.

One fan took the opportunity to ask what he finds most irritating about the contributors who go on the show looking for a bargain and the next big thing to renovate.

“Martin, what infuriates you the most about people on your show?” they asked.

“With me it is when they walk into a massive kitchen and say it is too small.”

And it wasn’t long before Martin revealed his pet peeves.


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Replying to the fan, he said: “People who break Hammer golden rules – buying property without seeing it or without reading the legal pack first!”

Another viewer recalled the host’s facial expression was “priceless” when a contributor from the Midlands had bought a property without seeing it first.

Elsewhere, others continued to quiz the property expert during his Q&A session.

“Had there ever been a property revamp where you’re jealous and would love to buy it?” one asked.

“And has there been a property that you would never EVER touch?!”

Martin responded: “Yes, often people make fantastic jobs of their renovations, but I’m pleased for them, rather than jealous!

“Only a couple of spooky properties that we’ve been in over the years which I wouldn’t touch!”

And while doing his job, spooky houses aren’t the only thing Martin comes across.

Not so long ago, the dad-of-two confessed that he’s found some rather untoward items in vacant properties that the team have to rummage through before putting them up for auction.

A viewer asked: “Ever found anything ‘dodgy’ when you’ve been rummaging round a HUTH property?”

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His reply didn’t disappoint, as it seemed no one was expecting the answer.

“We have been into houses that have clearly previously been used by drug users,” he admitted.

“A cameraman once nearly stood on a needle, which is why I say it’s vital to wear strong shoes when visiting properties!”

Being apart of a consumer based show has it’s limitations for those working on it, and Martin confessed there are certain things that the presenters are “not allowed” to do.


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A fan quizzed: “Have you ever been to one of the HUTH auctions and thought I should buy that house?”

Martin admitted he’s been tempted but has had to refrain.

“Yes, but I’m not allowed to so it’s a bit frustrating, so I don’t generally go!” he said.

Homes Under The Hammer airs weekdays at 10.45am on BBC One.

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