Love Island’s Brad McClelland says his nan, 76, is in for a shock

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Love Island’s Brad McClelland, 25 has revealed that his grandmother, with whom he shares a home in Northumberland, has no idea that her grandson might have sex on TV.

Her favourite shows are Emmerdale, Coronation Street and EastEnders and she’s never seen an episode of Love Island.

“At first, she thought I was going to be on my own on the island for eight weeks,” says Brad. “I tried to explain and then she said ‘Oh well, are your friends going to be there?’ and I told her that there will be lots of people and there’s going to be an opportunity to make friends. I can’t explain something to her that she has no understanding of.”

However, Brad is not worried about his Nanna watching steamy Love Island scenes and says: “She’s very down to earth, she is not blind to that side of things and if she does see anything, she will stand by me.”

Brad also explained that he won’t be going into the villa resembling the recent Instagram pictures that have been shared across the media showing him looking shredded looking trim.

“I’m not in the best shape I’ve ever been,” he confesses. “I am guessing people will have seen my Instagram pictures, but don’t be fooled, I’m not going in looking like that. That was after I’d been on a strict diet. I was carb cycling. I wanted to strip myself back to see what I actually look like.”

He says that recently, he’s been: “Sat here eating cookies and all that, you know, sweets, fizzy pop, that sort of carry on.”

Brad’s been single for two years and blames the pandemic for his dry patch as he refuses to do dating apps.

He says: “I split up with my girlfriend, had a couple of months of going out and boom, Covid hit. I don’t do dating apps because it’s just small talk. You match with someone, you say ‘hello, where are you from?’ and the conversation stops and you’re onto the next one.

“As for the villa, I don’t have a game plan. I am just going to be myself as that’s what got me on the show to start with and it has always worked for me.”

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