‘Little People, Big World’s Zach & Tori Roloff Reveal How Their Love Has ‘Strengthened’ Since Lilah’s Birth

‘Little People, Big World’s Zach and Tori Roloff are parents to 2 adorable little ones and spoke with HL EXCLUSIVELY about how their relationship has gotten even stronger, their plans for more kids, and more.

Zach and Tori Roloff are now a happy family of four. The Little People, Big World stars welcomed their second child, a daughter named Lilah, in Nov. 2019. HollywoodLife talked with the couple and they revealed how their first child, Jackson, is handling being a big brother. “He’s been great. I think in the beginning, he was kind of hesitant with Lilah for sure,” Tori told HollywoodLife. “But he’s definitely growing to just be such a great big brother. He’s a really good helper. I always say he has a cute aggression with her. It just seems like he just wants to like love her so hard, but he’s just so big. They’re really cute together.”

The couple also has plans for more kids in the future. “We definitely want more kids,” Tori said. “But it’s interesting, though. I feel like if it was in God’s plan for us to not have any more kids, I don’t feel like I’ve missed out on anything. I have a girl and I have a boy now. I’m so thankful and grateful for the two of them. We’ve been so blessed, and we want to keep going.”

This season on Little People, Big World, the couple found out that Lilah has dwarfism. Zach and Tori have been incredibly open about their daughter’s dwarfism, and they admitted the response from fans has been incredible. “This response has been fantastic,” Zach said. “It shocked us that we found out so soon that she had dwarfism. Usually, you don’t figure that out until 34 or 36 weeks. There are always concerns when you’re about to have a baby that historically has could have more health issues.” Tori added, “We’re extremely lucky and blessed with our kids, though. We’re very aware of that. They haven’t had any issues come up related to dwarfism, so we’ve just been really blessed in that department.”

The Roloff family is stronger than ever after the birth of Lilah. “Whenever your wife gives birth to a second child or any child, it strengthens the love, at least on my side of things as the dad and the husband. But then also you have this coinciding with the quarantine and just spending so much time with the family has also strengthened us. We’ve just been able to enjoy Laila and watch her grow.”

Tori said having two kids requires more teamwork on her and Zach’s end. “You really have to communicate even more effectively with two kids because you have two little humans that are depending on you, not just one.” Zach chimed in, “There’s a lot of tag-teaming. It’s man to man. It’s not zone defense.”

Zach’s mom Amy Roloff is getting engaged during the April 21 episode to her boyfriend of 3 years, Chris Marek. Zach talked about his mom’s engagement and said he’s “happy that she found someone else that she can, hopefully, live the rest of her days with. She has a companion for the rest of her life and someone that she can lean on and find support.” Little People, Big World airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.

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