Lele Pons Crashes Into Glass Door in New Video, People Make Fun of Her

In the video she shares on her Twitter and Instagram accounts, the blonde beauty is twerking to a Latin song right before she moves backwards and smashes through the door.

AceShowbiz -Internet personality Lele Pons found herself trending on Twitter on Tuesday morning, April 7. This is all because of a video she posted on the micro-blogging site that found her trying to do a TikTok dance routine. However, it didn’t go well as planned.

In the video, which she also shared on Instagram, Lele was seen twerking to Jose De La Heras x Ghetto Flow’s “Culo”. As she started to get into her dance more, the social media star moved backwards and smashed through a vertical windowpane behind her. The end of the video saw her friend yelling, “Oh s**t!” before recording Lele lying on the floor covered in glass.

The caption of the video read, “When you’re still learning how to do these TikTok dances… (This is how 2020 is going).”

While some of them were genuinely worried about her, not a few made fun of her as they believed that she planned the incident. “so now are we pretending she didn’t do it on purpose? cringe af,” one commented. “She did that on purpose that’s the only brand of ‘comedy’ she knows looking/acting like an idiot. I’m tiiiirrreed if this biscuit,” another pointed out.

Someone, in the meantime, wondered, “Why did she purposely throw herself backwards into a glass door? Anything to go viral I guess…,” to which one other responded, “It’s Lele pons, we already know who she is.” There was also an individual who said, “wow… It’s been 4 years since vine died and Lele is still doing what she does best…. Falling…,” along with a GIF of Kim Kardashian looking bored.

“Lele Pons is trying too hard to be representative of her culture,” one more person said, referring to the fact that Lele claimed she’s a Latina. Meanwhile, another commented, “When you see Lele Pons trending and think she’s gonna get popular again…but it’s just everyone trashing her.”

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