Kevin Costner nationality: What is Kevin Costner’s nationality?

Yellowstone: Walker quits the ranch in 2019 scene

Before landing the role of patriarch John Dutton on Yellowstone, Kevin Costner was already a major name in Hollywood. The star won two Oscars thanks to his work on classic movie Dances With Wolves and appeared in a slew of blockbusters including Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves, The Bodyguard and Field of Dreams. He is now enjoying a new level of fandom thanks to his performance in the Paramount Network’s show Yellowstone.

What is Kevin Costner’s nationality?

Yellowstone fans are eagerly awaiting the show’s return with work nearly complete on season four with Costner expected to reprise his role.

In the meantime, some are curious to know more about the actor including his nationality.

Costner is American and was born in California and lives in various locations around the state.

Speaking about his upbringing, the actor explained: “I was born in Compton and lived in Compton the first six to seven years and then moved to upper Ojai to live near a little schoolhouse up there on Topa Lane.

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“That was a magical time for me, moving out of the inner city to that place.

“Played Little League in Santa Paula, went to a little Christian day school there; then my father, who worked for Edison Company, was transferred to Thousand Oaks, Calabasas, but he decided he wanted to live in Ventura, so he literally traded a home, didn’t buy it.”

He went on to tell VC Reporter in 2018 how he considers himself to have been born in Compton but grew up in Ventura County, California.

The star attended California State University in Fullerton where he met his first wife Cindy Silva with the pair tying the knot in their early 20s.

Silva helped Costner while he pursued his acting career as he made a name for himself in the 1980s and finally found success.

Sadly, the couple decided to go their separate ways after 16 years in 1994.

Despite being from California, Costner was inducted into Oklahoma’s National Cowboy and Western hall of fame due to his work in the genre.

Costner told Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2019 how it was a “great honour” for him to receive such an accolade.

He even went to Oklahoma to give a talk as a recipient of the award, telling the audience his family hailed from the state.

The star said: “When I was done talking, I realised how much I was able to relate to them.”

So, Costner does have a connection to the wild west in this sense and revealed during his first show and tell at kindergarten he brought in his father’s rifle because as a child he’d believed it was the “coolest thing” he had at home.

Costner is often travelling for his job with Yellowstone shooting in Montana, however, his family has a ranch in Aspen, Colorado where he wed second wife Christine Baumgartner back in 2004.

The ranch can be rented out for an estimated £180,000 ($250,000) for a minimum stay of a week.

Costner’s 160-acre ranch is located in the mountains and forest of Aspen at a spot allowing much seclusion and privacy.

The property, which has three lodges, can house up to 34 people, according to CNBC.

Along with his Yellowstone commitments, Costner is appearing in the movie Let Him Go as a retied sheriff who is left grief-stricken by the death of his son and is seeking out his grandson.

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