Keep wailing Piers Morgan toasts to TalkTV success and slams at whiny woke wastrels

Piers Morgan on Dave Chapelle attack being 'political'

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Piers Morgan, 56, has been at the centre of many headlines since the start of his show Piers Morgan: Uncensored last week. The former Good Morning Britain presenter has insisted he is “only just getting started” at annoying his critics.

You whiny woke wastrels!

Piers Morgan

The presenter took to Twitter to gloat about the success of his new show.

He said penned in view of his 7.9 million followers: “Loving how much my new show @PiersUncensored is annoying all the right people, exactly as I’d hoped.

“And surprise, surprise, they’re already trying to cancel me!

“Keep wailing, you whiny woke wastrels… I’m your worst nightmare and only just getting started.”

This is not the first time Piers has confessed his intentions on the show.

The outspoken journalist said previously he hopes to use his new platform to “annoy all the right people”.

He stated: “I’m delighted to now be returning to live television with a new daily show whose main purpose is to cancel the Cancel Culture which has infected societies around the world.

“I want it to be a platform for lively vigorous debate, news-making interviews, and that increasingly taboo three-letter word: fun.

“I also want it to annoy all the right people.”

He has got off to the start he wanted, with his first episode that included the Donald Trump interview beating both the BBC and Sky News in ratings.

Taking to Twitter to reveal the news, he said: “BREAKING: @PiersUncensored beat BBC News & Sky News COMBINED in the ratings last night, and got FIVE TIMES the GB News rating.

“Thanks for watching – and tune in tonight for another great show! @TalkTV.”

Piers is known to cause upset, memorably quitting Good Morning Britain last year after refusing to apologise over his comments about the Duchess of Sussex.

The presenter got involved in a heated debate with the show’s weatherman Alex Beresford.

Piers was dismissive of Meghan’s comments to Oprah Winfrey surrouding her mental health including her experiences of racism and suicidal thoughts.

Alex challenged him on this, suggesting there was likely a personal aspect to Piers’ comments, leading him to storm off set.

In recent news, Piers complimented his former co-presenter Susanna Reid for her interview with Boris Johnson.

He said: “I thought Susanna skewered him beautifully and he just lost his way and lost his mind as he does so often.”

Piers was also keen to touch upon the fact that Boris ‘pretended’ he didn’t know who Lorraine Kelly is.

“We all know Lorraine Kelly. I think he knows who Lorraine Kelly is, he just didn’t know what on earth was going on in that whole interview,” Piers claimed.

You can watch Piers Morgan: Uncensored at 8pm weekdays on TalkTV

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