Joe Wicks' adorable daughter crashes latest YouTube video as millions tune in

Joe Wicks has high kicked his way into the fourth day of his immensely popular YouTube series amid the coronavirus pandemic – with a little visitor in the form of his two-year-old daughter Indie.

As The Body Coach – who is entertaining kids and getting them moving in the morning while they can’t go to school – was wrapping up Thursday’s PE With Joe live video today he was stunned to see his kid walk into the room.

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We have to say, the little one couldn’t have been a more adorable distraction!

As the 33-year-old introduced us all to little Indie, his daughter with wife Rosie Jones, 29, it was evident she was keen to join in on the fun.

Speaking to his daughter, he said around the 28-minute mark: ‘Hello! You tickling me? Do you wanna wave? Say hello! This is my beautiful baby Indie…’

It was here Indie showed us all how to master some of her dad’s expert moves, as Joe continued: ‘Show them how you squat. So good! That’s amazing! That’s the best squats you’ve ever done!’

It’s not every day a child has better squat technique than many adults, but we suppose not every kid is the offspring of a fitness mogul, eh?

‘I got distracted by Indie. Indie let’s do another stretch,’ Joe said, as he turned his attention back to the camera, and his millions of viewers, as Indie stretched alongside her dad in the living room.

As he shared their dance routine – apparently a regular thing after Joe’s workouts – fans couldn’t get enough of the sweet girl, as one wrote:
‘I need baby Indie! Where can I order one!!’

Indie was getting all the praise for her moves, too, as another replied: ‘Super cute 😍 great squats too !’

Another was all of us, as they echoed the same sentiments: ‘Loved it when Indie started doing squats with you, too cute.’

Joe revealed today’s live stream garnered 808,000 eyeballs who tuned in at 9am to get sweaty amid coronavirus lockdown.

Since Monday’s first class, millions have caught up on the half-hour sessions, with 4.7million viewing the first class so far.

While it’s been rumoured networks such as Channel 4 and BBC have approached Joe to stream his workouts on their channel, he’s been dubbed the ‘Vera Lynn of the nation’ for how his videos have brought welcome respite from the anxiety of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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‘You are the Vera Lynn of the nation at the moment, you do know that?’ Kay Burley told Joe on Sky yesterday. ‘You’re bringing us all together.’

A humble Joe replied: ‘I’m trying my best, I’m an energiser bunny, I just keep going. I’m not going to slow down.’

The father-of-two continued: ‘I’ve committed, this isn’t just Monday-Friday this week. I’m going to be the PE teacher for the nation until schools are back.

‘This is my routine, I love it, I’m enjoying it.

‘I just want everyone to get involved. If you can’t do it live, get involved in the afternoon. ‘You all walk away with a smile on your face.’

Tune in to PE With Joe on YouTube at 9am weekdays.

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