Jessica Alba's Beauty Regimen 'Terrifies' Her Son

Any new mom or baby blogger knows who Jessica Alba is — or at least her company, The Honest Company. She’s known for her acting just as much as her natural-based baby supply company.

In 2015, she expanded The Honest Company to include a beauty line, Honest Beauty. The ideas for the business come from her childhood illnesses and her daughter Honor. She aims to bring safe household products into homes everywhere. 

Jessica Alba’s rise to fame

Alba got her start as an actress in 1994, starring in movies like Sin City and Valentine’s Day. She went on to become a successful business owner.

The business came about when her husband encouraged her to start the company with his childhood best friend. She had the passion, so it just made sense.

For a while, she didn’t work as an actress and was even hesitant to return to acting before starring in L.A.’s Finest with Gabrielle Union. 

She made her money early on through her acting career but often said she felt preyed upon by men in Hollywood. She downplayed her looks so that men wouldn’t take advantage of her, which didn’t allow her to focus on things she loved, like the beauty line she now has.

She also added a haircare and then a skincare line to her company in the years after. Now, she does what she loves, and she makes money doing it — she’s worth an estimated $200 million. 

The family behind the beauty icon

Motherhood is important to Alba, who has three kids with husband Cash Warren. They’ve been married since 2008, and they had their first child the month after.

Alba hasn’t always felt welcome in the club and often feels judged, but she gets the ultimate support from her family. She talks openly about her experiences as a mom: How she quit breastfeeding before she wanted to, how she doesn’t want her kids working at a young age as she did, and how she feels bad when she misses their milestones. 

Her husband is her biggest cheerleader, and she’s shared in the past that She said: “He’s constantly pushing me outside of my comfort zone. I wouldn’t have been an entrepreneur. He was my number one champion saying ‘Of course you can.’”

They met on the set of her movie Fantastic Four, and he’s been in her corner ever since. But unlike her girls who want to be like her and her supportive husband, one man in her life isn’t always a fan of her ideas. 

Not everyone is a fan

Alba’s two-year-old son is her youngest child, and he’s full of energy. But when she dons her morning skincare routine — a thick, shea butter mask — she admits it terrifies him. 

She usually wears it at breakfast, so he definitely gets to see her wearing it, but he still has yet to get used to it. If you’ve ever worn a facial mask, you probably know they can look a little scary with their various colors and textures.

After she washes it off, she puts on her moisturizer, uses a vibrating quartz massager to get her blood flowing, and then puts on her makeup. She’s much less scary then.

What’s next for Jessica Alba

Right now, Alba is social distancing like the rest of the world, and she’s even shown off her natural looks with some make-up free selfies. Once things go back to normal, you’ll be able to catch her acting again, as she’s gone back to it after a 10-year hiatus. Or maybe she’ll begin another great family-oriented endeavor. For now, you can learn more about her full line of products by going to her website. 

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