Jessa Duggar: Mom-Shamed Over Coronavirus Concerns

As Americans enter their third full week of isolation, many people who had never heard of social distancing a month ago are suddenly experts on the matter.

And of course, many of these people are happy to share their expertise on social media and inform you of exactly what you’re doing wrong.

It’s a lesson that Jessa Duggar keeps learning the hard way.

Jessa is socially distancing these days, and it seems she’s taking the threat of coronavius very seriously.

Jessa, Ben Seewald, and their three kids have spent the past two weeks in isolation in their home in Springdale, Arkansas.

The mother of three says her kids have “begged” her to take them over to their grandparents house for a visit, but she has repeatedly refused.

Jim Bob and Michelle aren’t even old enough to be in the highest-risk group, but Jessa is still exercising an abundance of caution and keeping a safe distance from her parents.

That’s how it’s done, folks!

But amazingly, it seems that’s not enough for some people.

Yes, despite the fact that she’s adhering to WHO and CDC guidelines and setting an example for her fans to the best of her ability, Jessa is still getting mom-shamed on Instagram.

Take this video, for example.

It shows Jessa’s three kids playing with some sort of water-based toy outside.

People are still allowed to go outside during isolation, and those who live together are not obligated to observe the six-foot rule we follow when interacting with strangers.

So there’s nothing to complain about, really.

But people complained regardless.

For starters, it seems some people are under the mistaken impression that isolating means staying indoors at all times.

However, kids are permitted to play outside, especially if they stick to their own backyards.

On top of that, it seems some folks are under the impression that Jessa is inviting neighborhood children over to play with her kids.

Jessa has three children now folks — those kids are all hers.

And then came the unsolicited advice from people who are worried about the kids’ cleanliness.

“So cute. Be sure to clean out that water every time you use it because babies will tend to drink it and they can get sick from it. Just FYI,” one Instagram follower wrote, as reported by In Touch.

From there, she shared her credentials:

“I got [sic] three kids and five grandkids, so I hope it’s all going good for you. All your kids are beautiful,” the commenter added.

“We never leave standing water, primarily because it creates a mosquito nesting site,” Jessa responded.

“They can be so bad here!”

Wow. That’s a masterclass in deflecting criticism.

Jessa’s not afraid to clap back when the occasion calls for it, of course.

But she took a different route here.

Sometimes the best course of action is to kill them with kindness.

Something to bear in mind as we all slowly go insane in the coming weeks of isolation.

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