Jeremy Vine mortified over majorly awkward blunder live on BBC Radio 2

Jeremy Vine shares awkward exchange with radio caller

Jeremy Vine was corrected by a transgender listener in an awkward moment during his BBC Radio 2 show.

The radio broadcaster was speaking to members of the public who had called into his programme live on-air, with one person phoning in named Vivian.

As he prepared to speak to them, he said: “Vivian is in Southhampton, hello Vivian?”

They quickly replied: “Hello Jeremy! Lovely to speak to you,” to which Jeremy chimed in: “Gosh whenever I say ‘Vivian’ I expect a woman, isn’t that crazy?”

After a short pause, Vivian then says: “Ah, I’m transgender Jeremy.”

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Jeremy quickly apologised for his mistake and said: “Ok, forgive me I wasn’t meaning to go into that.”

Many viewers were quick to pick up on the blunder and flocked to social media to voice their reaction.

One person, who defended Vine on Twitter, said: “You hear a man. And you say so. That is a perfectly normal response from Vine.”

A second person typed: “He didn’t put his foot in it at all.”

Jeremy was discussing the topic of pensions, medical cannibis and charity donations and invited several listeners to phone in.

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As listeners are generally invited to have an open discussion about the topic, Jeremy first spoke to a caller named Jamie before he turned his attention to Vivian.

Thankfully, Vivian was very accepting of Jeremy’s apology after he made the embarrassing blunder.

They calmed him down and said: “Don’t worry Jeremy, it’s absolutely fine.”

Despite the awkward mistake, the pair were able to still hold a normal conversation on the radio until another guest was invited on.

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