Jax Taylor Gets Accused of Bullying Female Castmates, Continues to Defend Homophobic Pastor

On Tuesday night’s Vanderpump Rules reunion, newcomers Max Boyen and Brett Caprioni apolologized for making racist remarks in their youth that were brought to light when they were first cast on the show.

Many viewers may have felt that the apologies were insufficient, and both men should be fired, but at least Max and Brett seemed genuinely remorseful for their youthful idocy.

Sadly, the same cannot be said for perennial moron Jax Taylor.

Despite being roughly a decade older than Max and Brett, Jax continues to make problematic statements, and his aoplogies –which are few and far between — always come off as forced and insincere.

Worse, they’re usually followed by repetitions of the behavior for which he had recently been chastised.

In the past, the show’s producerds tried to sell us on the “Jax is a changed man” narrative, and the storyline might have made for compelling television — if Jax had actually changed at all.

But of course, he hasn’t.

On the show and on social media, Jax has continued to bully and berate those whom he regards as his inferior (read: everyone), and the problem has gotten so bad that calls for Jax to be fired from Vanderpump Rules have become commonplace among fans.

Unfortunately, those demands have fallen on deaf ears, despite repeated instances of blatant homophobia on Taylor’s part.

The most obvious example — though certainly not the only one — involved the pastor Taylor and Brittany Cartwritght selected to officiate their wedding,.

The most cursory search of the guy’s name would have been enough to reveal a long history of bigotry, but Jax aqnd Brittany continue to play dumb and undermine their obligatory apologies with excuses.

“I promise you guys, I did not see anything more than the one tweet,” Cartwright said during the reunion show.

“He promised me that he [wasn’t homophobic] so I believed him.” 

This demonstrably false, but this is the same Brittany who claimed she’d never seen an episode of Vanderpump and met Taylor by chance.

It was later revealed that she was a longtime fan of the show, who sought him ou during a trip to LA.

Obviously, that’s a completely different level of dishonesty, but the point, is we shouldn’y be surprised by how casually and convincingly she lies.

Anyway, producers will keep Jax aroung because he’s good for ratings, but thankfully, the other cast members seem to be fully fed up with his sh-t.

Jax’s homophobia has surfaced several times in the past year, including the multiple incidents in which he mocked Ariana Madix for coming out as bisexual.

She clapped back at Taylor during Tuesday’s show, and listened hard enough you could probably hear applause from people all over the country from people who had been bullied for their sexuality by fools like Jax Taylor.

“I don’t think it’s very hard to understand what it is to be bisexual; I’ve never flip-flopped on that,” Ariana said in clarification of concept so simple even Jax should be able to understand it.

“Anybody who knows me has known that for a very, very long time. It’s also like, really fun to just know that I bother him so much.”

As usual, Tom Sandaoval and Ariana were willing to speak truth to idiocy, while the rest of the cast kept their mouths shut when confronted with Jax’s bigotry.

(Again, the guy is good for ratings.)

Thankfully, one newcomer who probably flew under most viewers’ radar this season made herself known in memorable fashion during the reunion.

“I don’t even know this like, 50 year-old man,” Charli Burnett said when asked about being bullied on Twitter by Taylor.

“He’s retired and done and wrapped,” she added.

Naturally, Jax responded in the worst possible fashion by throwing oine of his signature man-trums

“Know your role, sweetie,” Jax screamed into his Zoom cam.

“Know your role! Know your role! You should be lucky that you’re here! You should be lucky that you’re here!“

He later admonished Charli for bing “the most disrespectful person.”

“I am who I am and I don’t give a f–k if you like me,” Burnett replied. “End of story.”

Her views on pasta might remain unpopular, but something tells us Charli earned quite a few new fans that night.

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