Jack Fowler breaks down in tears after his friend Kevin dies in freak snorkelling accident in Ibiza

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Jack Fowler broke down into tears on his Instagram story on Thursday as he announced the death of one of his closest friends, called Kevin.

The former Love Islander, 25, was seen crying on camera as he revealed his friend tragically passed away after he went snorkelling while he was in Ibiza.

With tears in his eyes as he sat in his car, Jack began to share: “I’m going to keep this nice and short and sweet but yesterday I lost one of my boys,” before fans saw him put his hands over his eyes and cry.

Trying to carry on speaking to the camera by repeating his words, he added: “I lost one of my boys, Kevin,” before taking a deep breath. “He was one of the boys that was always enjoying life.

“He passed away yesterday through a snorkelling accident. We’re going to set up a go fund me page because he passed in Ibiza so we need to get him back and I know the family and the friends and everyone that met him, would be eternally grateful if we could help get him home. Anyone who met Kevin knew he just loved life.”

Jack went on to share a picture of himself and Kevin with the link for the go fund me page as he wrote: “Swipe up & help Kevin get back home.”

The heartbroken model went on to share some of his memories of Kevin, posting videos and pictures of his friend on his story.

One of the clips saw Kevin dancing away as Jack wrote: “The one and only,” before sharing a video of him swimming to which he said: “I’m in the most stunning place. I’m happy, I’ve got a career and I’m doing what I love. I’m free, I’m clean, I’m healthy, what’s not to love? I’ve chosen this life. You can choose yours.”

Jack later posted a video of Kevin, who was trying to lift himself up on a bin, but saw him fall down onto the floor.

The star, who was sitting on a chair next to his friend, ran over to him to check on him which saw the two of them in stitches of laughter.

He captioned the clip with the words: “Til this day. The funniest video I have in my camera roll.”

Soon after posting on his story, Jack shared a selection of photos on his Instagram page, including one of their conversations back in 2018.

He said: “I feel broken hearted with knowing your not here anymore Kev. I remember when I first met you I knew you were going to be in my life for a long time.

“I told you many times that people like you are so rare to find and that anyone who met you or had you in their life was extremely lucky.

“We have so many memories together that I honestly will cherish for rest of my life. I love you bro and I feel completely empty inside knowing I’m not going to see your piercing blue eyes, infectious smile or hear you contagious laugh anymore.”

Jack signed off by writing: “I’m so sorry that it’s happened like this. I really love you bro and I miss you so much already. To anyone who wants to donate to help Kevin return home to his family and friends, then please click the link in bio.”

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