I’m sacrificing myself for my son – I was naive about my post-baby body, says Tiffany Watson

First-time mum and Made in Chelsea star, Tiffany Watson has opened up about her "naivety" of her post-baby body, saying, "I'm sacrificing myself for him right now".

Tiffany, also known as Tiff, 29, welcomed her first child, a baby boy called Jude into the world on 21 June this year with Colchester United footballer husband Cameron McGeehan. The family live in their stunning and newly renovated home near Richmond Park, London along with their adorable retriever dog Kiki.

Four months into motherhood, Tiff has revealed her personal "sacrifice" as she breastfeeds Jude and the impact this has on her own body. Speaking exclusively to OK! Tiff told us: "I think I was quite naive, everyone told me that during breastfeeding the weight would just drop off and it goes so quickly, I haven't found that.

"The appetite you have because you're breastfeeding is next level and I don't want to restrict myself and for my milk supply to go down or him not to be getting enough.

"So I kind of feel like I'm sacrificing myself for him right now and I think once I stop breastfeeding will be when I'm like right 'I don't have breastfeeding as an excuse anymore, I need to not eat whatever I want.'

"I'm not going to go crazy but I'll just be a bit stricter with myself because I'm not being strict at all right now, which is totally fine as I'm feeding another human right now and I need to do what I need to do."

She continued: "But I didn't know any of this beforehand, I had no idea that your milk is dependent on how much you ate.

"So I think it's hard right now and it's definitely hard because Cameron is in such good shape and then I'm 'oh good look at me', but he's so supportive and says 'you look amazing and you need to not be so hard on yourself'."

Asking the MIC star if she feels pressure to look a certain way, she told us: "Not from anyone else, it's more myself, I just think I was quite small beforehand so it's comparing that now and will I look like that again basically."

Tiff went on to add that "comparison is such a thing these days on social media", but said: "I have to be proud of myself at the same time for doing it". She candidly added: "I'm glad it's going into winter, that's all I can say, I don't have to worry about bikinis and stuff."

Just recently Tiff made an appearance on the latest series of Made in Chelsea with baby Jude making his debut when he was four weeks old. During the scene, Tiff introduced Jude to her co-star pals, Olivia Bentley, Ruby Adler and Emily Blackwell while at her lavish home and briefly opened up about her post-baby body again.

While on MIC, Tiff said: "I kind of thought your body would be back to normal once you give birth but as soon as I gave birth I was like 'Why do I still look six months pregnant' and she (the nurse) said you're meant to look like six months pregnant as soon as the baby is born and then gradually it will drop off."

Following this, close pal Liv said: "Don't be so hard on yourself, you've had a child, that's come out of you."

Tiff revealed exclusively to OK! that she makes a few other appearances on MIC and has no plans of leaving the show. But has also taken on a new venture with Mama Bamboo, an award-winning eco-disposable nappy and wipe brand, as their Head of Accessories Design.

Talking about her new role Tiff said: "They've got very similar ethos to me, they're really into like the natural products and sustainability. Being kind to the planet and soft on the baby's skin, everything about that I loved so it was such an exciting opportunity that came my way.

"I love the products for him, so it's amazing to be involved in expanding their range."

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