How Apple is pitching its new ad format

Hi and welcome to Insider Advertising for April 27. I’m senior advertising reporter Lauren Johnson, and here’s what’s going on:

  • Apple’s new ad format.
  • How social media managers manage screen time.
  • Facebook and Google’s scam ads problem.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook.Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

As Apple tightens the screws on ad tracking, it’s preparing a new ad format of its own. People briefed on the plans reveal its pricing model and targeting options.

  • Apple is preparing a new ad unit that will sit atop the “Suggested Apps” page in the App Store, Lara O’Reilly reported.
  • Execs briefed on the new format said it will be charged on a CPM basis, with some targeting options.
  • News of the new ad comes as Apple rolls out its privacy update, putting the squeeze on ad tracking.

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Nathan QuayeNathan Quaye

Social media managers have to be constantly online for their jobs. We asked 4 to break down how they fight to control their screen time.

  • Most people were looking at screens for hours a day even before the “Zoom fatigue” of the pandemic.
  • Kavi Shah reported that social media managers, whose jobs force them to be online, set out how they limit their screen time.
  • Their tips range from switching off video on calls to cut-off points for looking at your phone. 

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DENIS CHARLET / Contributor

Facebook and Google are failing to crack down on scam ads, new research suggests

  • Consumer group Which? called for new laws to force the tech giants to monitor fraud more closely, Martin Coulter reported.
  • 34% of people surveyed who reported a scam ad to Google said it was not taken down while 26% said the same about a Facebook scam ad.
  • Facebook and Google said scam ads were not allowed on their platforms and would take action where necessary.

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