Holly Willoughby reveals easy hack she uses to spring clean her wardrobe – and impresses Trinny Woodall

On Tuesday’s instalment of This Morning, Holly Willoughby revealed one of her style secrets – how she easily spring cleans her wardrobe.

As most people are using the lockdown period to have a clean out of their wardrobe and get rid of clothes that have been sitting in there unworn for far too long, Trinny Woodall appeared on the ITV daytime show in a segment about spring cleaning.

During the segment, Holly offered her advice on how to pin point exactly which of your clothes you have not been wearing much.

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The mother of three said: “Trinny, there is that tip isn’t there when you put all of your coat hangers facing the wrong way and then after a couple of months, you can see which items you've taken out and put back the right way.

"Then you have a visual of what you have worn and what you haven't worn."

Despite being a style guru, Trinity was blown away by the tip and said: “Holly I have never heard that before, that’s genius!”

A flattered Holly beamed and said: “Well, thank you very much Trinny”, as a bemused Phillip Schofield looked on.

A wardrobe spring clean is not the only information that Holly has divulged during the pandemic, as she also revealed how she and husband Dan Baldwin have ensured that they are not having arguments.

On a recent This Morning, Holly and her co-host Phil spoke to viewers who called into the show about how they're coping with their families while in lockdown.

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The 39 year old launched into a sweet speech about how she and her 45 year old husband have been able to keep the peace at home.

She explained that they haven't argued since going into quarantine because when they spend time apart in the house, Dan surprises her by doing little things that brightens her day.

Holly, who married her TV producer husband back in 2007, said: "I also think that doing little nice things gives you a bit of leeway in other areas as well.

"Like if I'm sort of doing something and Dan will come and make me a cup of tea or I'll come back and he would've put the washing away – and I haven't asked him.

"Then I sort of turn a blind eye to all these other things, so I think doing little things to help makes a big difference."

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