Here’s How To Enter Aldi’s Calling All Paws Pet Contest For "Chief Treat Officers"

You might want to break out your camera and some treats because Aldi has a contest that could feature your cat or dog in a national print ad. If that’s not enough, the winners will also score a year’s supply of Aldi pet food. If you think your pup or kitty has some serious paw, er, star power, here’s how to enter Aldi’s Calling All Paws pet contest for "Chief Treat Officers."

All doggos and cats are special in their own right, but two lucky pets will get the official title of Aldi’s Chief Treat Officers. Inspired by National Pet Day earlier this month, Aldi’s Calling All Paws contest will celebrate two pets by gifting them a feature in a national print ad, a year’s supply of Aldi’s cat or dog food (via $1,000 in gift cards), and exclusive treat and toy packages featuring new products. If it’s easy to imagine your furball as an Aldi influencer, here are all the deets you need to enter.

How To Enter Aldi’s Calling All Paws Contest:

Even if your pet doesn’t win the main prize, there’s also a chance to win one of two runners-up $100 Aldi gift cards.

Unfortunately, if you live in Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Maine, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, or Wyoming, your pet isn’t eligible to enter. You’ll also want to make sure you live within 50 miles of an Aldi location because that’s also a requirement.

After the contest ends, 25,000 entries will be selected via a random drawing around April 29 to go through the first judging round. Contest entries will be narrowed down in three rounds of judging. If your pet’s entry makes it to the third round, you’ll get a notification via email or phone to verify your eligibility and participate in a video chat with the contest sponsor. Finally, grand prize winners will be notified by email or phone and announced in early July.

Every dog and cat is a star in their own way, so make sure to enter Aldi’s Calling All Paws pet contest before the time is up.

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