Heavy Metal Artist Murders His 80-Year-Old Father and Cuts Open His Stomach

Jean-Pascal ‘JP’ Fournier has been thrown into the slammer for allegedly killing his elderly father before trying to take his own life by jumping from the bridge.

AceShowbiz -Acclaimed French heavy metal cover artist Jean-Pascal “JP” Fournier has allegedly killed and disembowelled his 80-year-old father.

According to the French newspapers Le Parisien and Le Dauphine Libere, the star was arrested on Thursday, April 2, 2020 for disembowelling his elderly dad and shooting an arrow in his head.

Police discovered Jean-Paul’s body on Wednesday after being alerted by relatives. The victim’s wife, an elderly and sick woman, was upstairs when the police arrived.

Jean-Pascal reportedly tried to commit suicide by jumping from a bridge into the Isere river in the town of Saint-Martin-d’Heres, in the suburbs of Grenoble, the day after the shocking act took place. However, authorities were called to the scene and the 47-year-old suspect was placed in police custody.

One of the victim’s neighbours, Jacques, said that the incident was “beyond comprehension,” describing Jean-Paul as “quiet” and “very kind.” He added of Jean-Pascal, “He did not look mean. He must have gone crazy. Why? I do not know.”

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