Harry Styles Seen Handing Out Water at Black Lives Matter Protests In LA

Harry Styles was out in the streets with fellow Black Lives Matter protesters on Tuesday (June 2) in Los Angeles.

Twitter users shared photos and videos of the 26-year-old singer holding up signs, marching, and even taking a knee.

One fan of the singer ended up marching alongside him and shared her experience in a thread.

“hi i just marched at a black lives matter march next to harry styles,” Angela wrote, before going into why this was so important for her as a black fan. Read her full thread here.

“To see people like ariana and halsey be out here and to f–king have the universe shine its light UPON ME TO BE NEXT TO ONE OF MY FAVORITE PEOPLE,” she continued. “i feel f–king VALIDATED!!!! i feel like he’s learning and doing his part to do better. i watched this man chant with us and kneel with us and most of you do not know how much it f–king means to be black and see this from the person you’ve been supporting for years!!!!!”

Another Twitter user shared a video with the caption, “I don’t care what the Harry Style fandom say, I just want to show homie out here being respectful, handing out water, and giving words of encouragement.”

Niall Horan and Liam Payne have also been seen out at protests, see photos here!

In case you missed it, all four One Direction guys have spoken out about the Black Lives Matter movement.

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