Harry Styles is creating a £30M super-mansion, plus more proof stars are nothing like us

From rapping at your dad’s show during Paris Fashion Week to throwing down £100K for your 21st birthday party, Wonderwall.com is taking a look at the latest round of celebs that prove stars are nothing like us. Starting off our March 2020 roundup is none other than “Watermelon Sugar” hunk Harry Styles… why have two regular mansions when you can have one super-mansion? On March 10, 2020, Daily Mail reported that the English actor-singer bought two 18th century homes next door to each other in London. The “Adore You” singer paid £9M for the first and £4M for the second, with the plan of turning them into one massive mansion that’ll be valued at £30M (about $34.4M USD). Harry has also reportedly hired interior designer Vicky Charles, who has previously decorated for Meghan Markle to furnish the massive space. Collectively, the mega-mansion will consist of ten bedrooms, a movie theater, a games room, and an opulent spiral staircase. Keep reading to learn more about how celebs are truly nothing like the rest of us…

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