Guy Fieri Is a Lot of Things — Including a Really Great Dad

Guy Fieri might be one of the most polarizing figures in the restaurant community, but to millions of fans all around the world, he is a symbol for everything that American cuisine stands for. Fieri, who helms the long-running Food Network series Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, is a fan of simple staples like hot wings, nachos, and French fries, and while that puts him at odds with some critics, it has endeared him to many fans. There will always be those who find issues with Fieri’s personality, his manner of speech, or his favorite foods — still, for those who follow his career, the way that he has raised his children stands as a true testament to his character. 

Guy Fieri is a popular celebrity chef

Born in 1968, Guy Fieri first entered the restaurant industry in the eighties, when he graduated from the University of Nevada in 1990 with a degree in hotel management. Fieri quickly began working his way up the ladder of success, opening his first restaurant, Johnny Garlic’s, in 1996. Over the decade that followed, Fieri opened several more restaurants, in popular tourist hubs like New York City and Las Vegas. His style of food might not always have been popular with critics, but there was no doubt that he was, and remains, very successful at his chosen profession.

In 2006, Fieri was introduced to audiences when he won the second season of The Next Food Network Star. He landed two shows on the network in rapid succession, Guy’s Big Bite, and Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. Both became very popular, and in the years since, Fieri has appeared on a slew of other Food Network programs and specials. 

Why is Guy Fieri controversial?

In spite of Guy Fieri’s undeniable success, there are those who don’t like the celebrity chef. Some people can’t stand his unique catchphrases, like “Flavortown,” while others slam his cooking style for being unhealthy. Many find him crude or think that his personal style is off-putting. There are some critics who claim that Fieri acts more like a celebrity than a chef, while a few fans have claimed that he pronounces certain ingredients incorrectly.

If the criticism bothers Fieri, he doesn’t make it apparent. The chef prefers to keep his head down and work on his numerous projects, and when he can, he gets his family involved. It is his family life that was the subject of a recent Reddit discussion. 

Guy Fieri involves his sons in his work

Guy Fieri married his wife, Lori, in 1995. The two have remained together ever since, eventually welcoming two sons, Hunter and Ryder. Hunter Fieri, the couple’s oldest son, accompanies his famous father to many high-profile events around the world and is even a regular fixture on many of Fieri’s television shows, according to Heavy. The young man has admitted that he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and work in the culinary space. 

Fans on Reddit recently discussed Fieri’s apparent commitment to his family. “I think a good measure of Guy’s humanity is the way he raises his sons. Hunter seems so humble and polite and is great on the shows that Guy has filmed in his backyard this year,” one fan on Reddit posted. “And the youngest son [Ryder] is the one who films them and occasionally sticks his hand in the frame to grab a bite of whatever delicious thing they make.” Another fan wrote that “Guy is a wonderful person, he does so much for the underprivileged and has helped many young men and women trying to make it in the business.” Clearly, even if Fieri is a divisive person amongst food critics, many fans love and respect his hustle — and his character. 

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