Gemma Chan slams Sunday Times for trivializing 'casual racism,' more news

The Times apologizes after Gemma Chan calls out their ‘irresponsible’ coverage of ‘casual racism’

The Sunday Times has issued an apology in the wake of Gemma Chan’s criticism of how it covered the late Prince Philip in a recent report on the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral. In an Instagram Story post on April 19, the “Crazy Rich Asians” star called out the publication for describing Philip as “an often crotchety figure, offending people with gaffes about slitty eyes, even if secretly we rather enjoyed them.” Taking issue with the comment, “we secretly enjoyed” the racial slur, Gemma wrote, “This was written by a journalist who should know better, approved by editors and sent to print. To trivialize casual racism in the most widely read Sunday broadsheet at a point when the Asian diaspora is experiencing a surge of attacks is deeply irresponsible,” according to People. She added, “We need more people of color in newsrooms,” and urged followers to join her in calling for “a retraction and an apology.” Sunday Times editor Emma Tucker responded on April 20, sharing a statement on the matter. “This so-called ‘gaffe’ made by Prince Philip was a well-known aspect of his life story,” she said, per The Guardian. Emma went on to say she and her colleagues “did not intend to condone” what Philip reportedly said while speaking to British students visiting China in 1986, “It was noted by us on Saturday night that the sentence was offensive and it was not published in digital editions.” The apology comes amid a surge in anti-Asian violence and one day before Congress is set to vote on a bill to combat rising crimes against Asian-Americans.

Rihanna buys the house next door to her $13.8M Beverly Hills mansion

With her Savage x Fenty lingerie brand now valued at $1 billion, Rihanna, the wealthiest recording artist in the world, appears to be creating her own, not-so-little compound in Beverly Hills. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Rih recently plunked down a cool $10 million for the house next door to the estate she bought three months earlier for $13.8 million. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 33-year-old’s new real estate portfolio addition is more modest than its mansion-sized neighbor. Featuring four bedrooms and 4.5 baths, the pad sits on half an acre of property. Combined with the mansion the singer already owned going into the deal, she now has, by THR’s estimation, 11,000-plus square feet of living space, a pair of swimming pools and “off-street parking for at least 10 vehicles.” Not to mention, a compound worth $23.8 million total. Despite all that space, the outlet notes Rihanna’s “main residence” is still a condo unit in Century City worth about $5.2 million.

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Hollywood reacts to Derek Chauvin verdict

As the world watched on April 20, a jury convicted former Minneapolis, Minn., police officer Derek Chauvin of murdering George Floyd during an arrest in which he knelt on Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes. Chauvin, who is white, was found guilty of second-degree murder, second-degree manslaughter and third-degree murder in the incident, which was filmed by bystanders, sparking protests and a new reckoning on race relations in the United States and beyond. “GUILTY!!!! As it should be!!” Viola Davis shared on social media after the verdict was handed down. “Now….Rest In Peace George Floyd. Rest. You and your family have been vindicated. #SayHisName.” Other celebrities who spoke out about the verdict included Kerry Washington, who noted on Twitter, “… this fight for justice is not over. We have a lot of work to do. There is more fight ahead of us. But RIGHT NOW please take CARE of yourself. And let’s take care of each other. Prayers and love to the family of #GeorgeFloyd.” Barack Obama weighed in as well, with a similar sentiment. “Today, a jury did the right thing,” he shared. “But true justice requires much more. Michelle and I send our prayers to the Floyd family, and we stand with all those who are committed to guaranteeing every American the full measure of justice that George and so many others have been denied.”

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Jojo Siwa and girlfriend Kylie Prew get cozy at Disney World

Lovebirds Jojo Siwa and Kylie Prew spent some time cuddling up together at Disney World over the weekend. “I’m happy:) so so so happy,” the former “Dance Moms” star captioned videos and a photo from the couple’s trip on Instagram on April 18. The clip showed Jojo, 17, and Kylie, 18, smiling and hugging each other on while riding through the water on the Vintage Amphicar at Disney Springs. Another clip showed the tie-dye shirt clad pair cozying up together on Splash Mountain. Jojo revealed to fans that she’s part of the LGBTQ+ community in January. One month later, she went public with her relationship, describing Kylie on social media as “the most loving, supportive, happiest, protective, and just the most beautiful perfect person in the world.” Speaking to People in April, Jojo opened up more about her identity, admitting she’s still trying to figure herself out. “…I don’t know, bisexual, pansexual, queer, lesbian, gay, straight. I always just say gay because it just kind of covers it or queer because I think the keyword is cool,” she said at the time. She added that “pansexual” might “technically” be the best descriptor, telling the outlet, “… that’s how I have always been my whole life is just like, my human is my human.”

Prince Harry reportedly wrote a ‘deeply personal’ letter to Prince Charles before returning to the U.K.

Before he flew to the U.K. for his grandfather’s funeral this month, Prince Harry reportedly wrote a “deeply personal” letter to his father, Prince Charles, who Harry’s said stopped taking his calls at some point after he and Duchess Meghan exited their royal roles. That’s according to British tabloid The Mirror, which claims a source close to Harry said the prince has been “forced” to communicate with his dad in writing because it’s the only way he could reach him in the wake of his explosive interview with Oprah Winfrey in March. Other Mirror sources say Harry rehashed “his reasons for leaving” his royal post and promised to “respect the institution” of the monarchy, in the recent letter to his dad. It’s unclear where that leaves the Duke of Sussex in terms of his relationship with his dad and brother, Prince William. The three men were seen walking and talking together after Prince Philip’s funeral, according to multiple outlets. But Page Six reported this week Harry will likely leave the U.K. and return to his new home in California without getting any one-on-one time with Prince Charles.

Ted Nugent tests positive for COVID-19 after calling the pandemic a scam

Four months after Ted Nugent called the global coronavirus health crisis a “scamming pandemic,” the rocker revealed in a lengthy Facebook Live video that he’d caught COVID-19 — and felt so bad he thought he “was dying.” “Everybody told me I should not announce this,” he said in the video, which he shared on April 19. “I have had flu symptoms for the last 10 days. I thought I was dying. I was tested positive today. … Boy, I got a stuffed-up head, body aches, my god, what a pain in the a**, I literally could hardly crawl out of bed the last few days.” At other points in the clip, the conservative star used racist language to describe COVID-19. Despite how sick he was, Ted said he still won’t take any of the vaccines. “Nobody knows what’s in it,” he claimed, falsely, in the clip. In fact, the full ingredient lists for all the vaccines are available on the CDC website, along with complete data on safety, side effects and clinical trials for the Pfizer vaccine, the Moderna vaccine and the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. As of April 19, COVID-19 had killed more than 567,000 Americans, according to the New York Times.

Kelly Osbourne reveals she relapsed after four years of sobriety

Kelly Osbourne is focused on her sobriety again after a recent relapse. “This is a little hard for me to talk about, but I’ve always promised you that I will always be honest with you about where I’m at and what’s going on in my road to recovery,” she told followers on her Instagram Story on April 19, according to People. “I relapsed. Not proud of it,” she continued. “But I am back on track, and I will be doing a podcast this week where I tell everybody about what’s going on and what happened.” Like her dad, Ozzy Osbourne, and brother, Jack Osbourne, Kelly, 36, has long wrestled with addiction issues and is often open about her struggles. Assuring fans she was, “sober today and I’m gonna be sober tomorrow,” Kelly admitted, “but it truly is just one day at a time.” Last summer, Kelly opened up on the “Hollywood Raw” podcast about how being “a full-blown functioning alcoholic” affected her mental health before she got help in 2017.  “I kept my job; I kept my friends,” she recalled. “I reached a spiritual low where I was just so morbidly unhappy and lost and directionless and just broken in every way.” Kelly signed off from her Story posts by explaining that she wanted to be honest with her followers “’cause I never, ever want to lie to you,” then thanked them for their “support and love.”

Michael Keaton to revisit his late-’80s, early’90s-era Batman

He’s Batman … again. Michael Keaton, who’s still famous for his “I’m Batman” line in the 1989 Tim Burton “Batman” classic, is set revisit his Caped Crusader role for the first time in nearly three decades in the upcoming Marvel movie, “The Flash.” Entertainment Weekly recently confirmed the news via director Andy Muschietti, who announced production is now beginning for the film. Last summer, Andy teased plans to feature a “substantial” contribution from Michael’s Batman. That plan was later questioned as the coronavirus pandemic continued to shut down film after film in 2020, raising an alarm for Michael about his interest in risking film work. The last time the actor played Batman was in 1992’s “Batman Returns.”

AnnaLynne McCord reveals dissociative identity disorder diagnosis

AnnaLynne McCord is speaking freely and without shame about her dissociative identity disorder diagnosis. The condition, previously known as multiple personality disorder, is often caused by trauma, according to the Mayo Clinic (per ET). It allows the person with DID to alternate between identities, which can ward off unwanted, traumatic memories. The 33-year-old “90210” alum discussed her experience with the disorder in a YouTube interview with psychiatrist and clinic founder Dr. Daniel Amen. AnnaLynne, who has spoken out about being a survivor of rape, recalled how one identity, “Little Anna,” helped her find her way through abuse she was suffering as a child. As an adult, Anna eventually came to see that, as she put it, “being an actress, there was a liability to split.” She explained, “All of my roles were splits, but I didn’t even realize I was doing it at all until I did a project, ‘90210.’” During a break from “90210,” she filmed the horror movie, “Excision,” and found she couldn’t get back to her “90210” character after taking her brain through the trauma of what the “Excision” character had to deal with. “The way this is talked about is there is so much shame, and I am absolutely uninterested in shame,” AnnaLynne said of her decision to go public with her diagnosis. “There is nothing about my journey that I invite shame into anymore,” she added, “and that’s how we get to the point where we can articulate the nature of these pervasive traumas and stuff, as horrible as they are.”

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