Former American Idol Co-Host Brian Dunkleman Opens Up About Ryan Seacrest and Suicidal Thoughts

Elsewhere in a trailer for his upcoming documentary, the comedian claims he heard Simon Cowell calls the show ‘ridiculous’ because they have ‘already let two other monkeys through.’

AceShowbiz – Former “American Idol” co-host Brian Dunkleman gets candid about his life a new documentary titled “Dunkleman“. In the upcoming doc, the comedian talks about his life after leaving the series including his drug abuse and feud with Ryan Seacrest.

“Dunkleman. Say it. Kinda fun, huh? Not ringing a bell? Google my name,” Dunkleman says in a trailer for the documentary shared by Radar Online. “God, I wish I never had. Make sure you spell it right”

He continues saying, “After about 140,000 hits or so, you will begin to understand my notoriety that, yes, in 2002, I hosted the No. 1 show in the history of modern television. And after 25 episodes, I quit. Or did I? Sometimes, I can’t remember.”

Brian also shares about his relationship with Ryan, saying that they were “butting heads” all the time. “I yelled again. I was like, ‘Ryan!’ He turns around. He’s like, ‘What!?’ ” Brian recalled. “Seacrest, Seacrest. F** Ryan Seacrest. I could’ve snapped his neck if I wanted to. I’ve seen movies. I think I could do it! God, that would’ve gotten a s**tload of hits on YouTube.”

Elsewhere in the trailer, Brian claimed he heard Simon Cowell called the show “ridiculous” because they have “already let two other monkeys through.” Simon’s remarks led to Randy Jackson to snap at him, according to Brian.

He also got honest about doing cocaine “all night” before a live episode. “It’s just another thing that made me look like a difficult a**hole, and they decided to keep one, and it wasn’t me,” he admitted.

He also shared that things were rough when “American Idol” season 2 premiered. He claimed that he “couldn’t function” to the point he was suicidal. He said he even hoped a plane he was on would crash because “I just don’t wanna be alive anymore.”

Back in 2019, Brian made headlines after TMZ reported that he’s working as an Uber driver for living. “I chose to stop doing standup comedy and started driving an Uber so I could be there for my son as much as he needed after our life as we knew it was destroyed,” he tweeted in January 2019 while tagging TMZ. “Print that.”

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