Find Out Why Joe Jonas Got a Shout Out In Shay Mooney’s Grammys Speech

Joe Jonas wears his helmet and a mask while out on a bike ride on Tuesday afternoon (May 19) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old musician stopped riding to check his phone at one point, and was joined by a friend who rode behind him.

Joe and his brother Nick just opened up about why Shay Mooney of Dan + Shay thanked Joe in a 2020 Grammys acceptance speech.

Joe and I were on the same trip, where we played with Cody, our buddy Shay Mooney, of Dan + Shay, was with us,” Nick shared with Barstool Sports’ Foreplay podcast. “It was right before the Grammy Awards last year, and there’s this one green that’s nearly impossible to hit, and that’s kind of the fun of it! It’s Par-3, it’s just like a tabletop, it’s sort of sloped like this (gestures.)”

“The bet was, against Shay, who he and his bandmate were both nominated that year, and, us, we were nominated – is that if, one of us, me or Joe, hits the green, you have to thank Joe or I in your Grammy Awards speech and vice versa for them,” Nick continued. “If he hit it, we would have to do it if he won. So cut to Grammy night, after Joe has hit the green successfully, Shay gets up and in his Grammy Awards acceptance speech says, ‘I have to thank Joseph Jonas!’”

Joe cut in, “The rule was first and foremost.”

“His wife was not happy about that,” Nick added.

“Before anybody that had anybody that had anything to do with his music or his career… he’s just like, ‘first of all I’d like to thank Joe Jonas,’ and everyone’s like, ‘Did he write on this album?!’” Joe concluded.

Check out the moment in the video at the 1:12 min mark.

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