Fans Call Out Diddy for Shutting Down Lizzo's Twerking During Instagram Live

Yesterday, Diddy hopped on Instagram Live to host a Dance-a-Thon with a slew of celebrities to raise money for Direct Relief, a nonprofit that “rushes critical medicines and requested supplies to communities affected by poverty or emergencies throughout the world.” Sounds great, but things got a little 👀 when Diddy shut down Lizzo’s twerking, saying “Whoa, whoa, whoa! It’s Easter Sunday, let’s play something a little more family friendly.”

Lizzo seemed pretty embarrassed about being called out, saying “sorry, sorry, sorry! Let’s do something fun”—but here’s the thing. Diddy then had Draya Michele on his Dance-a-Thon and didn’t shut down her twerking at all. The Shade Room captured both moments, so go ahead and swipe:

According to Entertainment Tonight, Diddy got a bunch of backlash from fans for the hypocrisy, including comments like “But Lizzo was a ‘no’ and embarrassed????? hmmm I’m a little confused now…We need to keep the same energy- I don’t like this” and “IF LIZZO CANT DO IT DRAYA CANT DO IT EITHER.” Oh, and Twitter is pretty much blowing up to the point where Lizzo’s name is trending.

when lizzo was twerking it’s not ‘family friendly’ but when a skinny girl does it, it’s all fun & games????

Diddy ended up hitting Instagram Stories to explain himself, saying “There’s one thing that I want to make clear. My queen, my sister Lizzo, when I stopped the music it was ’cause it had a lot of curses in there, not ’cause she was twerking. She’s one of the best twerkers in the world, okay? Let’s keep that clear. It wasn’t about twerking. You’re allowed to twerk on Easter. There was a lot of cursing in the record. And I don’t need child services knocking on my door right now, you understand? So that’s why I stopped the record. But Lizzo, we love you and everybody stop looking for the negative, look at the positive!”

Lizzo reposted his comments, so…guess they’re all good?

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