Eyebrows have been raised about Prince William & Kates long summer holidays

There were so many columns and shady commentary pieces about Prince William’s refusal to fly to Australia for the Women’s World Cup, I didn’t get a chance to note that Richard Palmer at the Express was also somewhat critical. He did a tweet-thread about how both King Charles and Prince William should have gone to Australia, and that their excuses for not doing so were pretty weak. As I’ve been saying so often these days, there are tons of open secrets within the British media, and every now and then, the invisible contract becomes a lot more visible. Other times, the invisible contract becomes quite strained, especially when William and Kate insist on their two month summer holidays. Speaking of, Richard Palmer had some tea about raised eyebrows over Will and Kate’s nonexistent work ethic.

Prince William and Princess Kate are coming under pressure after raising eyebrows within parts of the royal household, according to a royal commentator. Royal Correspondent Richard Palmer claimed that the couple’s amount of time off has caught the attention of some Royal Family staff.

Palmer said: “I do think that is an issue for them as well. They’re very popular, they’re a huge asset to the UK, but there have been eyebrows raised in other parts of the royal household about the amount of time they’re not doing official engagements. It may well be that they come under a little bit of pressure to up their number of engagements.”

The royal commentator added that there is a lot of goodwill towards the Prince and Princess of Wales but they need to monitor the amount of time they take off. He told the Royal Round Up podcast: “There aren’t many families where both the father and mother are able to have 12 or 13 weeks with their children on all of their school breaks. I think there’s an awful lot of goodwill towards them but they do need to keep an eye on that.”

[From GB News]

“There have been eyebrows raised in other parts of the royal household about the amount of time they’re not doing official engagements.” Other parts of the royal household can truly only mean Buckingham Palace, meaning Charles and Camilla. That thing we always said would happen is happening before our eyes: Charles made a big bet that William and Kate would “step up” once the Sussexes were exiled and QEII passed away. Instead, Will and Kate are keeping an even lighter schedule than before and they still insist on doing f–k all every summer. Oh well! William and Kate won’t even care that they’re being criticized. They’re truly too lazy to care.

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