Everything We Know About Netflix’s Lupin<\/em> Season 3

After a six-month wait, the French-language detective series, Lupin, based on the novel series of the same name, is back on Netflix with Part 2. The five-episode drop technically represents the second half of the first season, though it feels like five-episode second season. However, what’s next for Lupin—call it “Part 3” or “Season 3” or “Season 2 Part 1”—is all we really care about. Is it happening? When is it happening? Nous devons savoir!

Parts 1 and 2 of the series laid the groundwork for much of its principal character, Lupin—civilian name “Assane Diop” (played by Omar Sy). The series mostly involved Diop’s relationship with his partner, his son, and, most importantly, his late father, whose name Diop spends most of the series trying to clear for the theft of one family’s necklace. That family, Pellegrini, become the season’s primary antagonists, and the narrative builds toward their downfall.

But now that this storyline has pretty much wrapped, what’s next? Was this a one-off series, or does Netflix has plans for something bigger?

Are we getting a season 3 or part 3 of Lupin?

The signs are looking good. Responding to a French journalist who tweeted what he believed to be a confirmation of season 3, Lupin actor Omar Sy confirmed the rumor, tweeting in response, “We can’t hide anything from you. Lupin part 3 is confirmed!”

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